Joane Patrick's True Balance Energy Centering, Self Care, Nurturing and Empowerment Classes help align, balance, strengthen, oxygenate, center, calm, and inform.  Come practice, learn and share in a renewed awareness, ability and connection with your many bodies, your mind, your spirit and the Universal Life Force energy.   

     Become and feel more alive and vibrant with this unique system that combines both ancient and modern knowledge and applications, aligning structure, intention and connection.  

     Increase your focus and develop abilities using spacial, environmental, universal body/mind/spirit awareness with these tried and true techniques that are necessary to create balance, peace and harmony in these hectic modern times.

         Create body art, relax, feel, move and dance in the Chi.  Enjoy the flow of your life force energy and renew your understanding and connection to the earth, the elements, the divine, and cosmic energies.

     Transform negative thoughts and emotions into creative tools and virtues.  Balance your being and realize your highest potential.  Evolve and move into the New Earth energies of harmony, peace and love light.  

     We have all the energy we need within us, and around us, we just need to connect, learn to work with it, set it free, and let it FLOW.  Good health and happiness depends on this, as all imbalances, pain and disease begins with blocked energy.  

      We invite you to join us developing ourselves with this integrated, unique and highly effective self applied system that celebrates and respects both ancient and modern approaches to creating good health, self empowerment and realization.  

Qigong - Spiritual, Medical and Martial 

Tai Chi



Chair Yoga

Chi Yoga


Pilates Reformer

Energy Dance

Nei Gong


Chakra Balancing Classes and Sessions

Ma Kali Qigong

Vibration and Sound Adjustment 

Self Massage and Acupuncture

Enlightenment and Self Realization techniques

Be a conscious creator. 

Empower yourself to be the best you can be.