On Line Classes, Beach Retreats, Workshops

Qigong Session

On line, private qigong session with Joane.

Pilates Session

On line Pilates with Joane... Pilates Reformer Session

Yoga Session

On line, private yoga session with Joane.

Workshop in Sunny Florida

Springtime workshop in Wabasso - On line

Energy Balancing Session

Qigong for better health

On line qigong workshop.  6 Sessions.

Qigong in Wabasso

Fun weekend near Indian River Lagoon and Atlantic Ocean in beautiful, natural setting in Wabasso, FL.   Qigong submersion.  Free shared accommodations.  Not available at this time.


Great for breakng up energy blockages.  Gently tap the body... feels great..  Just 15.00.... 5 goes to animal rights charity.... free shipping....