Welcome to True Balance Energy Center!    

Joane Patrick’s Health Enhancing System helps to bring you into a better state of homeostasis. This practice helps to reduce stress, better aligns the body, oxygenates, centers, balances, relaxes, informs, heals, renews and strengthens your connection to your Body, Mind and Spirit and the Universal Life Force Energy.  

Become better grounded and feel better body connections. Feel more vibrant and energized with body, mind and spirit alignment using structure, focus, intention, relaxation, integration and connection.   Increase energy awarenesses.. internal and external, spacial, environmental, etc.  

These simple, yet profound practices are relaxing and yet empowering.  Our hectic changing times call for us to become more grounded and stabilize ourselves. Learn to abide in your center. cultivate abilities to better deal with constant change and chaos in the world.  Let’s become more powerful and playful, create body art, feel, celebrate, move and dance together with and in the Universal Life Force Energy.  Turn on the flow of your Chi.. remind yourself of your connection to earth, the elements, the Divine.

We transform our negative emotions, with ancient sounds, virtues, and balance our being by moving in the direction of realizing higher potential.  Let’s evolve and create healthy, happy, helpful humans.  Celebrate and bring in the New Earth energies of harmony, peace, and love.  

     Everything is energy. We bathe in, and are, an ocean of highly charged energy. It is within us, and around us, we are not separate. We have access to this energy… we can sink into it, bathe in pure consciousness (empty mind), we can soak up the energy, we can learn to focus the mind, “where the mind goes, the Chi follows”, when we focus inside and outside different parts of the body, we can begin to create a better connection of communication between you and your body, the energy, your mind and Spirit. We Learn to relax the muscles and tissues of the body, set the FLOW free, or still those areas, we listen. We can learn methods that assist us to work with our own energy.  

Come and experience this  integrated approach with both ancient and modern science based truths and self help applications.  

Private and Group, Training Sessions, Workshops, Demos, Retreats.  

(In person and on line.)

Wellness Qigong – Nei Gong, Spiritual, Medical and Martial (Bagua, Tai Chi)

National Association Sport Medicine (NASM) Personal Physical Fitness Training, Corrective Exercises, Plyometrics


Pilates, Pilates Reformer, Pilates for Athletes and Better Sports Performance

GTS Gravity Pilates and Strength

Ma Kali Yoga, Groovy Meditations, Chakra Balancing

Vibrational Therapy, Sound Healing

Self Massage and Acupressure 

Remember to be a loving, healthy, happy helpful human.

Become a conscious creator.  Cause and Effect.

Empower yourself to be the best you can be.  The I am.

Let’s start today.

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Peace, Harmony, Love